M O B E M O L O N D O 

He is a promising artist of the Afro scene to discover without delay! Mobe Molondo is a musician of Congolese origin. He began his music venture as a teenager, playing the guitar in his Protestant church of Kinshasa. In 2012, the artist took on hisdreams of glory and embarked on a professional career. It’s with the singer Fabregas that Mobe forged his weapons. Together they sang “Mawa" in 2015, with unprecedented success! He’s not only an outstanding singer; this maestro is also a composer. He has producedseveral pieces for stars like Koffi Olomide, Ferre Gola, Robinho Mundibu and so many others... From Afrobeats to Soukous, his eclecticism no longer needs any proof.

MOBE is  Currently the ONLY Congolese artist signed to a Cameroonian American Record Label Called BGC MELODY. BGC MELODY  is the only Record label with its headquarters in the United States and Cameroon, with Artists and Management in Countris across Africa. Mobe Molondo just released his mind blowing song titled "GUERRIER" a blend of Ndombolo from Congo under BGC MELODY. 

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