Dodo flow

This song is based on the current situation around the world, CORONA VIRUS  popularly called COVID 19 pandemic. The virus is a threat to the whole world killing both young and old, it doesn't matter your status, religion, ethnic or race. The pandemic has destroyed so many souls leaving the children killing the parents or vice versa. The song is thus borne out of the sobber mood to enlighten, educate and create awareness on the deadly virus called Corona virus, so that you and I would know what to do as PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE... Do your SANITATION BEFORE SALUTATION... Awareness on Corona virus pandemic, Produced by Ayo Olokungboye, aka Dodo Flow B.A English, NCE Physical Education, member Ghana MMBA Concert party Accra Art center, Yotomi TV talent, Awardie Ondo state radio vision  television talent, president All Akoko performing hip hop artists and retired Nigerian Nation wide  professional  league football player, the song is promoted by Dj Scotty J  Eko 89.7 Fm.